Twitch Asylum Video Game Radio Episode #3
Mon Mar 13, 2006 12:01 am Comments (3)

Our third podcast is now available! Download it here.

Hola!, in this episode we start off by discussing the recent surge of in-game advertisements. We specifically focus on Fight Night Round 3 as well as a recent article that appeared in the Washington Post presenting some shocking figures regarding the future of in-game advertising.

Our "Gaming Moments" this episode include a look at Exit (PSP), Mega Man Maverick Hunter X (PSP), Fight Night Round 3 (360), Kameo (360), Rebelstar: Tactical Command (GBA), and Warlords (Atari 2600).

In our look at the news we discuss "X Quest", a hybrid reality show/massively multiplayer game, a video of Will Wright's "Spore", a Christian-themed game that is more violent than GTA, Rockstar's Table Tennis, the fact that Lionhead Studios is downsizing, and what starting game developers are getting paid.

During the "Retro Respect" segment we look back on the "Golden Age of Arcade Games", which we consider to be 1979-1984. We discuss the atmosphere, how those games differ from games today, and reflect on some of our fondest arcade memories.

Twitch Asylum Video Game Radio Episode #2
Mon Feb 27, 2006 8:10 am Comments (0)

Our second podcast is now available! Download it here.

It is only our second podcast and we are already breaking format, but with good reason. In this episode, we are all about Atari.

In our "Retro Respect" segment, we discuss the fantastic video Once Upon Atari, which takes a look back on the lives of the early Atari 2600/VCS developers. Then, we have the pleasure of having an extended phone interview with Howard Scott Warshaw, probably best known for developing the 2600 titles, "Yar's Revenge" and "E.T.".

During the phone interview Howard discusses a wide range of video game (and some non-video game) topics including; what it was like to develop on the early VCS hardware, his most memorable 2600 game development achievements, the stressed relationship between marketing and engineering, the influence of money on developers, the crash of the 80's, and where he thinks video games are heading in the future.

Our "Gaming Moments" this episode include a look at "Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure", "Full Auto", "Black", "TimeShift", "Grid Wars" (PC Geometry Wars clone), and of course, "Geometry Wars".

In our look at the news we discuss the fact that Utah passed the, "Games-as-Porn Bill", The Xbox 360 Camera and Microphone, the forthcoming "Stay Alive" movie, and the fact that West Virginia schools are about to adopt DDR games as part of their curriculum.

Twitch Asylum Video Game Radio Episode #1
Mon Feb 13, 2006 11:39 am Comment (1)

Our first podcast is now available! Download it here.

Since this is our first podcast, we start off the show by introducing ourselves and discussing how we see our podcast as being different from all of the other video game podcasts out there.

In our rant, we discuss how Electronic Gaming Monthly has degraded over time into a magazine that seems to enjoy ripping on games, their flawed review procedures, and their unbalanced top 200 list.

We discuss what we are currently playing, which includes: Dragon Quest VIII, Kameo, Call of Duty 2, Midway Arcade Classics (PSP), World of Warcraft, Real Flight (RC Helicopter Simulator) (PC), Geometry Wars, Neo Geo emulation (PSP), and the Star Wars arcade game.

In the news segment we discuss the fact that the 50 Cent video game went platinum, Xbox 360 and Revolution game delays, more PS3 details, a fired Sony employee, Majesco and Atari reporting losses, and the fact that Halo 2 will only work on Windows Vista.

In our "retro respect" segment we look back on the history of SNK, focusing on the ill-fated Neo Geo AES console. We discuss our memories of SNK and Neo Geo, and how you can play the games today.

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