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Arcade CoinOP Cheats -
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Post Arcade CoinOP Cheats - 
After today's podcast, I got to thinking about all of my adventures in the Arcades back in the 80's. Some of my fondest memories are hearing or learning of an Arcade cheat and successfully implementing it. You were "Da MAN" in the Arcade if you could pull it off as well as nail those high scores. Throngs of people would literally gather around you to see your "mad skills". At no other time was it so easy to become a celebrity.

My favorite cheat I had heard about in different gamer circles. It was most likely specific to this particular machine. It involved Berzerk by Stern Games. It was located at the Bowling Alley on Holloman AFB in New Mexico. What you did was walk around the bowling alley and gather up a good static charge. Take a quarter and touch the coin slot. You'd get a pretty good zap but you'd also be presented with a free game!! You had to touch the game at a specific spot for it to work. You quickly became a good friend to everyone in the arcade!!

Another cheat involved Joust by Williams. For the life of me, I can't remember the significance of this cheat but it had something to do with sliding in between the bottom right platform and the platform just above and to the left of it. I was never able to do it but I remember reading about it and seeing some guy do it. Anyone remember that?

What were some good Arcade cheats that you all remember?


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Great topic!

I am not sure of the Joust cheat you are talking about, but I remember the Pterodactyl bug.


In the earlier Joust ROM versions, there was a bug that allowed you to easily kill pterodactyls as long as you could stand it. This bug was present in the red and yellow ROM versions, but was eliminated in the green version. You only get 1000 points for each pterodactyl, but with a little practice, you can rack up really high scores using this cheat.

The bug can only be exploited on waves that have the center platform, after the lava troll is present (the fire burning on the lava shows he's there). First, kill all the enemies except for one Hunter (the grey buzzard-rider). Then, fly low over the lava until he gets caught by the lava troll. If he gets free, try again. As soon as he is caught, land on the center platform. Stay close to the middle of this platform. After a while, a pterodactyl will come after you; just point towards him while standing on the platform, and he will fly directly into your lance. In a while, you will start getting three pterodactyls on the screen at once. The only difficulty is in staying on the platform; if several come at you from the same direction, they can knock you off. If so, it is probably best to kill the Hunter and try again on the next appropriate wave.

Anyone ever pull of that one?


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