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Mad dog Mccree
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Hi there, wow not posted anything for a while but have heard all of the excellent podcasts you guys have put out, anyways i was in my local gamestation the other day when i spotted (and purchased) Mad dog Mccree and Space pirates by American Laser Games for my 3DO and instantly recalled the first time i saw these games in the arcades. I was around 12 the first time i saw Mad dog Mccree and was obviously amazed by what i saw, live action on a huge screen where i could actually be a cowboy and shoot at other real cowboys, wow. But after pumping in all my coins and walking away a little dissapointed that i couldnt actually get anywhere cause it was so damn hard (or because i sucked at it Smile ) i never really got very far in to the game . anyway , it was fun to play them again even though they are very limited and a lot more comical now than when i was 12, the acting is hilarious and the gameplay sucks a little even with the light gun as they only recorded 1 death for each of the cast, but it was cool to get through the games and find out what happened next and stuff. I know the whole interface was a little dodgy back then but maybe they could do this kind of thing a lot better now though i guess if time has tought us anything its that good acting in live action games/ cut scenes is asking a hell of a lot.

only the insane have strength enough to prosper, only those who prosper can truly judge what is sane.

crimsontwin on xbox live too, add me Smile
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I used to play those games as well. I should pick them up and play them through as I too never made it to the end. I remember thinking even back then how bad the acting was. But, it was the sort of thing where it is so bad, it is good. Very Happy

Sure the games have limited gameplay (like Dragon's Lair), but the nostalgic value probably far outweighs it.

And, damn, your gamer score is insane! Very Happy I need my 360 back so I can get to something remotely respectable...


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you can get the games on pc as well as a few of the other titles like who shot johnny rock etc, they also do dragons lair 1+2 as well as space ace and time traveler, you can see them all here.
and are usually available on ebay.

my 360 needs to go back to but i just cant do without it for 2 whole weeks, i think ill send it back when i have my wii to keep me going. Smile

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