In this month's "discussion" segment, we focus on the recent Nintendo Wii press conference and the Tokyo game show. we discuss the announcements that were (and were not) made by Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony. We review the games that they demonstrated as well as discussing whether any of us will be camping for the upcoming console releases.

Our "Retro Respect" segment this time takes a temporary departure from the history of gaming. Instead, we focus on our top 20 favorite arcade games of all time. During the segment we reveal the ultra-scientific process we used to establish our top 20. Who came out on top? You must listen to find out.

Our "Gaming Moments" this episode include Test Drive Unlimited (360), Saints' Row (360), Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney (DS), Lego Star Wars II (PSP), Killzone: Liberation (PSP), Tenchu Senran (360), and The Ship (PC).