Is the next video game crash upon us?

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Is the next video game crash upon us?

Post by raz0red » Mon May 22, 2006 12:20 pm

This is a very interesting article where the writer lays out his theory on an impending video game crash. I definitely don't agree with all of his points, but some of his points definitely seem valid.


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Post by zodiacprime » Sat Aug 12, 2006 10:00 pm

Y'know it's funny... I used to worry about this. I used the think, "Man, what if the industry just went away like it did in '83?"... but now, not so much. The main reason I think it is now a bit of a passé argument is that if the industry went away, I'd be ok. And more importantly I think we'd all be ok. At least for a bit. I'd feel sorry for those people I respect and know that make their living in this industry, but from my own personal perch, I'd be ok with it. So I guess there's two issues here: One, can the industry crash; two, who would care?

I don't think issue one is worth trolling about since if things continue to go the way they are currently, it'll be very unlikely to come crashing down. Now if you want to argue if the industry can maintain three major players is a much more interesting discussion imo.

However, for issue two, I find it interesting that I really don't think I'd care all that much. Now I love videogaming, don't get me wrong, but I've got 30+ years of backlog to keep my fingers twitchin'. Do I need another Halo? Not really. 'Nother Mario? Hmmm... would be nice, but no, not really. I've got more games sitting on my shelf now than I'll ever play. I've got MAME to bring back those old arcade classics, and I'm quite happy with my current portable solutions.... why would I fear a crash? Wouldn't it be an interesting footnote in history if a hundred years from now (or so) we could look back and completely bookend the videogame phenomenon? On one end we'd have two players knockin' a pixel back and forth, on the other we'd have millions of players simultaneously prancing through fantasy worlds as elves and such... kinda paints a nice picture doesn't it?

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Post by msaeger » Sun Aug 13, 2006 8:16 am

The industry is too big and diverse for it to happen again like in 1983. Back then it was pretty much Atari now we have Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony. Plus there are cellphone games and casual web games and handhelds too.

I don't think people need a new console to stay interested the 2600s problem was too many rotten games. About the only 2600 game I still like is Yars Revenge but for the NES there's zelda, metroid, mario 1,2,3 and mega man 2 just to name a few.

Maybe there could be a change like Sony dropping out or something but the whole thing won't go away.

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