My 1st gaming photo - 1986!

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Post by raz0red » Mon Feb 19, 2007 3:25 pm

Yeah, I got 2 1541's, a C64c (one of the white ones) and the joysticks for $20.

I have been snagging everything that shows up on Craigslist. The old Commodore stuff really goes cheap. Right now I have the following:


3 C64s (older style/brown), working
1 C64 (older style/brown), non-working
1 C64c working
1 C128 working
1 C128 working, but missing two of the top keys (not really a big deal, but sucks)
1 Amiga 500 w/ additional 512k and Fatter Agnus (for Pal mode), working
1 Amiga 500, non-working
1 Vic-20 (newer style), non-working, sadness... I really want to get a working vic-20


5 1541 drives (brown), working
1 1541 drive (white), working
3 1581 drives, working
1 C64/Vic-20 tape drive, working
1 external amiga drive (slim style), working


1 1084 monitor (for Amiga), working
2 1702 monitors (for C64), working
1 1902 monitor (for C128/80 column), working, case has crack along bottom... sigh

Cartridges, modems, etc.

2 Fastload cartridges
1 "The final cartridge" v2
1 Partner 64 cartridge
2 Commodore 1200 baud modems (c64)
1 Amiga 520 RF Modulator (used to hook to television, etc.)
1 Custom built RS-232 connector to connect to telnet BBSes (made by me)


2 Epyx 500xj
1 Suncom Slikstik
4 Standard Atari joysticks


1 1541 Drive box
1 Commodore 64 box
1 Amiga box

Some other printers, adapters for printers, tons of disks, etc. etc. etc.

I will post some of these pics on my collection web site at some point,

Altogether, I would say I have spent approximately $150 or so. It has all come from Craigslist, and people are just glad to get rid of it. I have been having a blast with it though. It really brings back the memories...



Post by steve0 » Tue May 06, 2008 12:24 am

It's really old picture,but it's good!

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Post by AllSchoolGamer » Sat May 16, 2009 7:12 pm

thats brilliant...i must find pix like this of myself. and megalolz at all the max headroom posters :lol: man you had to love the 80's

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